A self-guided introductory circuit course designed to teach YOU the fundamentals of circuit training and how to safely use these principles to designs work outs for your dog to improve their health and performance. 

Are you READY to take the guesswork out of circuit training?


Are you looking to challenge your dog?

Is your dog able to complete many of the foundation behaviours but you don't know where to go from here?

Do you want to learn how to build your own circuit program that's safe for your dog? 

This self-guided course is here to offer you a unique, one of a kind program that will help you unlock the secret to circuit success! Are you struggling with:  

  • Where to take your foundation skills? 
  • Not sure how to efficiently build more strength or balance? 
  • Knowing the difference between training and conditioning? 
  • How to best map out your conditioning plan for your dog?? 
  • Knowing what equipment you should use?

This program will give you the knowledge and information so that you can learn how to build your own circuits and feel confident that you are giving your dog a GREAT work out!

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a method of conditioning your dog with the goal of tiring them out so that your dog can start to improve their strength, power, balance, endurance and stamina! It combines at least 3 different exercises that are completed and performed in various ways to work out your entire dog's body. 

This course is for you if...

  • You have a dog ready to tackle some new challenges! 
  • You have a dog ready for a full body workout! 
  • You have an experience conditioning dog that needs a brush up on their skills!
  • You’re ready to take the guesswork out of circuit training!
  • You want to learn how to teach your dog to utilize all parts of their body efficiently! 

This course is for you if...

  • You want to reduce your dog's risk of injury!
  • You want to learn how to do complete exercises safely!
  • You want to learn how to implement circuit exercises into your weekly training!

This course is for you if...

  • You want help learning how to condition your dog properly!
  • You realize the importance of a well-rounded conditioning program!
  • You could benefit from expert advice on exercising your dog! 
Yes! I want to learn more about CIRCUITS!

What does this course include?

Yes! I want to learn more about CIRCUITS!

   Your Instructor

Carolyn McIntyre, PT

Carolyn McIntyre, an animal rehabilitation trained and registered physiotherapist, is the owner/operator of McIntyre Canine Rehabilitation located in Erin, Ontario, Canada.

She specializes in helping canine athletes reach superior physical performance while minimizing injuries and boosting longevity in their sport. In addition to offering sport specific conditioning programs to her international clients, Carolyn has a wide variety of online conditioning courses (foundation through to advanced) as well as a personalized Path to Success Coaching Program. She is the author of “Warm Up and Cool Down of the Canine Athlete: An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving Performance and Preventing Injury” and has been the canine physio practitioner for the 2019 and 2020 Canadian agility team that competed at the IFCS World Agility Championships. She holds a Master of Science in Physiotherapy and a Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Carolyn trains and competes in a number of dog sports, primarily agility with her Aussie - Quinn and her Shelties - Fifty, Shades, and Keeper. 


See what others have to say about online coaching with Carolyn! 

"When I started I didn't realize how out of condition my dog was and during this course he has improved so much, in both his overall condition and his willingness to do the exercises. He thoroughly enjoys doing the programs and run on the equipment whenever he gets near it."

- Holly Rhodes, Current MCR Pack Online Student






"The circuits were a lot of fun to learn, and I looked forward to each week’s release. Every circuit could be tailored to your dog’s level of training, and adjusted to be easier or more difficult, with either equipment or technique changes. Loki has hip displaysia, and I was really pleased to see a clear improvement in his core and hind end strength during the course. By the end he could hold proper postures longer, stand square on equipment rather than always staggered, and pop up onto a piece of equipment using both hind legs rather than stepping up. It was wonderful to see! "

-Shelby Pearson, Current MCR Pack Online Student

"I was searching for a way to help my agility heart dog Ziv improve his physical abilities and prevent new injuries since he had just came out of two at that time. Our experiences with local rehab weren't the best so finding McIntyre and knowing it offers the online consult was just perfect for me! I sent all the infos, videos and pictures Carolyn asked for and we had a very nice conversation after she explained to me all that were in her report. Since than we started applying all the exercises to our routine and it has been amazing! We already had a follow up consult and I love the results."

- Gabriele Almeida and Ziv, Brazilian World Agility Team Member

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