Functional Fitness for the Active Dog

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A membership program to fast track your fitness, health, and performance goals with your dog using a systematic approach to canine fitness and injury prevention  

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Are you ready to take your dog's health and fitness to the next level?? 

Functional Fitness for the Active Dog is a membership subscription to an exercise resource library, a community of like-minded people and coaches that will accelerate your results in the canine gym!! 

Canine conditioning does not need to be rocket science!  

Come JOIN our exclusive Functional Fitness Membership Site and let me show you how EASY canine fitness can be! 

Are you struggling with...

  • Finding the time to train?
  • Knowing where to start?
  • How to layer your approach to canine fitness?
  • How to break things down?
  • How to improve your own training mechanics?
  • How to best support your dog?
  • How to stay focussed on your goals?
  • The price of other canine fitness programs?

I'm here to help! Instead of continuing to struggle with these problems let's work together! Come learn our functional approach to canine fitness. 

In order to get FASTER and more EFFECTIVE results in the canine gym, we need to take a layered approach to canine fitness using FUNCTIONAL exercises.  By building on a strong foundation and slowly adding in challenges, you will ACCELERATE your progress!! 

Why do we take this approach??

  • To build and protect your dog's confidence.
  • To accelerate your dog's learning.
  • To build more clarity around the behaviours and exercises we are training! 
  • To limit and reduce your frustrations with repeated failure. 
  • To improve your consistency in gym!
  • To improve the relationship with your dog. 
  • To maximize your efficiency in the canine gym. 
  • To get faster results!

By incorporating positive reinforcement training with a layered approach to learning you and your dog will be on your way to success in the canine gym!!  

This membership subscription will  help you to learn and improve: 

  • Your mechanics (e.g. body position, reward placement) in the canine gym so you can get the most out of your dog   
  • How to set up and select your equipment for an exercise
  • How to systematically progress an exercise or circuit
  • How to incorporate dog training principles in the canine gym to accelerate your dog's learning 
  • How to set up a training or overload session  
  • How to effectively teach canine fitness behaviours

There are two ends to the leash!!

We are committed to maximizing both you and your dog's success in the canine gym and to bring out the best in your active canine!  

This subscription membership is for you if….  

  • You want to become more efficient in the canine gym!
  • You want to learn how to complete circuit  training.  
  • You want to save time by following a proven training method that will get you results! 
  • You want to become part of an amazing and supportive community. 
  • You want to learn and improve your mechanics and skill sets.
  • You want to be sure your dog is physically ready for all of life's adventures!
  • You want to improve your dog's health and fitness.
  • You want to reduce your dog's chances of injury. 
  • You realize the importance of maintaining a certain fitness/health level. 
  • You have a sporting or an active dog.
  • Your dog is over the age of 4 months.
Yes! I want to join Functional Fitness!

See the difference Functional Fitness can make!

Your Functional Fitness Subscription includes:

  • Access to the current Functional Fitness LIBRARY. 
  • Comprehensive training and DETAILED modules to accelerate your learning. 
  • Written instructions, video demonstrations and PDF tracking sheets with ALL exercises. 
  • An AMAZING Functional Fitness community who will support and encourage you in your journey!
  • FULL ACCESS to Carolyn's team of EXPERT coaches to review weekly videos and answer your questions to fast track your training and prevent road blocks.  
  • A NEW canine fitness exercise released EVERY Monday with multiple levels and progressions.  
  • Each month, work towards a circuit and learn how to put it all together!!  
  • Access to Carolyn's Classroom (e.g. coaching calls/workshops, recorded training)
Yes! I want to join Functional Fitness!!!

See what other students had to say!


Nancy Hoffman

I love Carolyn and her approach to fitness and find her material interesting and easy to follow. And she does a great job of keeping you motivated to learn more and do the exercises with your dog.

Elisabeth Fritz

The exercises are easy to do (even on a budget) and the community is one of the most supportive groups to be in. The instructors are very inclusive and always willing to help figure out ways for you and your dog to continue to progress. 

Gerda Veltkamp

Video feedback was amazing... The layout was easy to follow and refer back to. Explanation and video of each exercise was priceless. Common training issues encountered when training the exercises was really good.

Emily Walsh

Very detailed on how to complete each exercise, the coaches are extremely helpful and there is no pressure to move past what your dog can do. If you are more experienced there are lots of modifications and exercises to work your dog at their current level of fitness! 

Emma Morton

A well thought out and content rich program that takes you from the foundations to more advanced skills and beyond. Not just focused on your dog, it gives you the tools to grow on the journey. 

Christine Ryder

My experience with Functional Fitness was uplifting and encouraging. It is so important for canine athletes to be involved in a fitness program for longevity in their lives and their sports.

Kathleen King

This program encouraged me to be more aware of my training skills, helped me improve my handler mechanics, and provided a fun way for my dog and me to learn together. Carolyn provides a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise, and I am a much better handler and training partner since working through the program.

Erin Rudd

It was so amazing and my dogs and I have learned so much!! Wyatt is looking so much stronger and Kona is starting to have confidence on the equipment which is a huge deal for her. I feel much more confident in my training abilities as well. Thank you for providing such a great resource!


Meet the Coach!

Carolyn McIntyre, an animal rehabilitation trained and registered physiotherapist, is the owner/operator of McIntyre Canine Rehabilitation located in Erin, Ontario, Canada.  

Carolyn primarily works with canine athletes both in person at her clinic as well as within her online community. In addition to helping canine athletes fast track their fitness and performance through her systematic approach to canine fitness, she also works to manage both current and chronic injuries and has a comprehensive Return to Sport Program. Carolyn offers a variety of online canine fitness programs geared towards canine athletes which are sport-specific and include a variety of levels (e.g. foundations/advanced). She also has both group and 1:1 high-level personalized coaching programs.  She is the author of “Warm Up and Cool Down of the Canine Athlete: An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving Performance and Preventing Injury” and has been the canine physio practitioner for the 2019 and 2020 Canadian agility teams that competed at the IFCS World Agility Championships. She holds a Master of Science in Physiotherapy and a Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation through the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. 

Carolyn trains and competes in a number of dog sports, primarily agility with her Aussie - Quinn and her Shelties - Fifty, Shades, and Keeper. 


Yes!!! I want to join Functional Fitness!!


A monthly investment in your dog's health and fitness!

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