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Looking to start a conditioning program with your dog but unsure of where to start? MCR Online Training is the place to be! We are proud to offer online courses that guide you and your dog through conditioning exercises for the canine athlete.

Why join the MCR Classroom?

This is your chance to receive personalized instruction from one of the leaders in the industry! Our courses can be done at your own pace, with little conditioning equipment, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Do More from Home: Circuit Training the Canine Athlete

Are you stuck at home? Training classes cancelled and not sure what you can do with your dog? It can be hard to find the motivation to stay active and keep on top of your dog's fitness program. The last thing you want is your dog to fall behind on their fitness goals and lose their peak physical condition. If you're looking for something new and creative to do with your dog - we're here for you!
This six week course is designed to introduce you to canine conditioning circuit training and to get you working with your dog to keep them fit and staying active.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a fast-paced class in which you do 3-5 different exercises in a row, take a rest, and then do another couple of sets. The exercise circuit in this class are designed to work you dog's entire body.

What Equipment do I need?

The course will use minimal conditioning equipment. If you're missing a piece of equipment DON'T WORRY! Alternative household items can often been swapped in and are just as effective! We will discuss throughout the course items that can be used.

Choose between two options!

We have limited working spots available (1 dog per spot) for the course and an unlimited amount of auditing spots.


The Winning Way - Conditioning the Canine Athlete

What's holding you back on taking your conditioning program to the next level?

I have taken many courses during my career of training, treating, and competing with canines and spent a lot of money too! Some had great videos made with fancy technology, others showed good progressions of exercises... but none of them ever taught me how to make what they were teaching a HABIT.

The key to success and improved performance, muscle tone, strength, flexibility is consistency…

This is the first program to bridge the divide between effective progressive exercises and the tools and support needed to make you successful.

The Winning Way is designed to get you and your dog to that next level! Join a community that will help keep you and your dog on track to succeed. The Winning Way course is a canine athlete conditioning course designed to help you get and stay on track for all your conditioning goals. Build training habits that you can stick to with your schedule and a community to help guide you along the way. See more details below!


Team Canada's Conditioning Program


What others are saying about the Team Canada course...

"I loved the step by step online layout; easy to follow along and understand written instructions as well as videos... Within 3 months, Flight's power into and out of jumps increased substantially, as well, his muscle mass in his spine, hind end, back and shoulders had substantially increased and were obviously palpable. Not only did Flight benefit physically, he loved the skills and challenges presented to him in each of the lessons. We became a more connected team with each lesson... Everyone right from the pet dog to the Olympic athlete needs this program. Not only for injury prevention and increased performance results, but simply for the fun interactive games you play with your dog."

- Liana Klohn and Flight, WAC Competitor, Team Canada

"I found the program great! It was easy to follow with wonderful descriptions and videos for each exercises. I love how the program was laid out with conditioning exercises and exercises that were specific to agility! I felt this was a great tool to keep Reason in shape, gain strength and increase his body awareness. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is doing any sport with their dog, but especial agility."

- Karey Grisdale and Reason, WAC Competitor, Team Canada